Vastu, Life & Simplicity

A simple house whose foundation is in a square or rectangular shape without any complications is the best house to live in. Vastu is simple. In the same way, life will be joyful if it is simple and does not contain clutter. The basic rules for vastu compliant house are given below. Though, vastushastram is a vast subject, which also touches astrology, this basic knowledge is sufficient enough for providing a comfortable lifestyle coupled with good health & wealth to the inhabitants.

  1. Plot/Building should be square/rectangle. i.e. four sides with right angle-90 degrees
  2. The walls of the compound and the walls of the house inside the compound should be parallel to each other.
  3. The space between the compound walls and the walls of the house in the North/East side should be more than the space in the South/West respectively.
  4. The South/West walls of the compound should be higher than the North/East walls.
  5. The building of the house should be higher on the South/West side than the North/East i.e. a room on the top floor can be built on the southwest.
  6. The gate/entrance/openings/windows of the plot/house should be planned only in the positive zone(Uchasthanam) i.e. the entrance should be towards east on the north side, towards north on the east side, towards north on the west side and towards east on the south side.
  7. There should be no internal staircase inside the four corners of the house. Internal staircase can be built in the middle of the south/west side only.
  8. Except in the northeast portion of the house, external staircase can be built on the other 3 corners with cantilever support.
  9. The slope of the Staircase should be higher on the south/west than north/east.
  10. Sump can be built in the north/east of the northeast zone of the plot within the building wall and not beyond it.
  11. Septic tank can be built in the north of northwest zone of the plot within the building wall and not beyond it. The pit should be planned in between the building/compound wall and should not touch the building/compound walls.
  12. Overhead water tank should ideally be on top of the southwest portion of the house i.e. southwest portion should be higher than northeast.
  13. Kitchen/fire should be planned in the southeast and cooking should be done facing east. The second alternative is northwest.
  14. Bedrooms can be built in southwest/northwest, southwest being master bedroom. Bedroom should not be built in southeast.
  15. The toilets can be built in the northwest of the house and the toilet sink should face south/north only
  16. There should be no pit in the south/west portion of the plot.

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