Why I chose to include “Vastu” also as a profession for me? Is the field of vastu noble one? Is “vastu” or the “science of dwelling” necessary?

What is a noble profession? Generally, professions in the field of health, teaching, etc are being termed as noble professions. Well…my definition of noble profession will be that in whatever field one is in, if one has noble thoughts and actions while being in a particular profession, it can be termed as a noble profession.

How does a vasthu consultant qualify to be in a noble profession? When an individual is faced with challenges in life, which he is unable to tackle on his own, a genuine vasthu consultant can hand hold him and help him face and defeat the challenge by offering suitable solutions. The effect of good vasthu house on an individual is a life changing one. When the profession of vasthu consultant helps in changing lives for the better, is it not a noble profession. Well, as far as I am concerned, whatever engagement/profession I am in, I make it a noble one.

How can we know whether vasthu is scientific or just based on blind faith?

Well…the “vasthu” or “the science of dwelling”, which I know, is a simple science based on previous data and facts which led to the framing of the simple basic rules of Sri Aandal Vastu. Even though, the science of vasthu is an ancient one, recent research in the field of vasthu being conducted, shows that a person residing in a vasthu compliant house can live a happy fulfilled life. I came to know of the benefits of vasthu from Dr Andal P.Chockalingam, who has created a brand of vasthu in the name and style of “Sri Aandal Vastu”. When we were faced with some challenges in our family in the past decade, and when the modern science was of little help, I had personally tried the changes suggested by him and found that this science was a magnificent one, which many believe to be of blind faith and stupid. That was the time I discovered that ‘vastu’ was the Universe’s biggest kept secret. I am grateful to the universe for showing us the right person with the right knowledge because, when faced with challenges, it is of utmost importance that we don’t get caught with wrong guidance. Even if one doesn’t believe in the concept of vasthu, is it wrong to buy a plot/land and constructing a building by applying the rules of vasthu. The cost of not applying the rules of vasthu is definitely huge.

How to identify the right vasthu consultant?

Just ask the vasthu consultant as to where the pooja room should be in the house. Many of them say it should be in the North East. Well, this is just enough to reject that person. The simple reason is that lamp should not be lit in North East and fire can be lit only at South East(Agni/Fire) or North West(Vayu/Air) and the North East portion should be light and no weight should be placed there. Next, is the placement of toilet. If the person says that it can be situated at SouthEast, then, that is one other reason enough to reject that person. The fact is that vasthu does not support any toilet inside the house. And any toilet in the house at SouthEast will lead to unpleasant consequences to the female members in that house. Of all the options available, NorthWest would be better suited for the toilets even though it is a compromise of vasthu principles, but the negativity is not as severe as its placement in other directions.

Can vasthu be implemented correctly by reading books on vasthu?

No. Just as we all know the Laws, Acts, Rules or Regulations as available in books, we seek the advise of a lawyer/attorney who specializes in his field because he remains an expert in that field and can practically guide us properly. Similarly, it is quite difficult to implement the rules applicable in vasthu correctly in construction of buildings by studying books. Hence, it is advisable to choose the right person as a vasthu consultant even before buying a plot or land where the building is to be constructed, so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money in the future. When you meet me for consultation, you are buying “the extract” of hundreds of hours of learning, hard work, experimentation, risks taken; you are buying years of patience, uncertainty, miraculous moments, moments of pure joy & the moments of satisfaction. You are not just paying for one thing. You are buying a piece of heart, a piece of soul – a piece of someone else’s life. You also help some unknown life to blossom. To know the value of VASTU, I have to do a separate post and I will try to post it early.

To know and see whether your residence complies with the basic rules of Vasthu, please see the link given below and compare it with your house:

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