Bed Room Vastu

Bed Room is a place where an individual spends nearly one third of his life. Hence, it is quite important to plan it properly for good sleep as well as good relationship with spouse.

The room in the South west portion of the house should be used as a Master bedroom. The head of the family should use this room.

Girl children can use the Room in the North West portion as their Bed Room. Guests can also be allotted the North West room.

Older people can use the Room in the East as their Bed Room. Newly married couples should not use the room in the North East as their Bed Room.

The room in the SouthEast should not be used as a bedroom for couples.

Bed should be placed near the South West portion of the Bed Room. It should not be placed under a beam. While sleeping head should not be placed in the North direction. It is better to avoid Television, Computer, Mirror, etc in the Bed Room. Wooden cot is advisable. People related to a particular type of group can use iron cot.

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