Vastu & Bath Room/Toilet

Vastu does not support any toilet inside the house. Of all the options available, North West would be better suited for the toilets even though it is a compromise of vastu principles, but the negativity is not as severe as its placement in other directions.

Do not construct toilets/bathrooms at any place other than North West or West direction of the house.

Do not construct the toilets/ bathrooms under the external staircase of a house. Toilet/ bathroom should not be constructed above the house’s pooja room. The toilets which are constructed outside the house should not touch the compound wall and the mother wall.

The seating position of the sanitary ware in toilets should be in North to South or South to North direction only. The water heater which is placed in the bathroom should come at the South East portion.

Any toilet in the house at South East will lead to unpleasant consequences to the health of female members in that house.

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