Vastu for Living/Drawing Room!

Generally, Living Room is being constructed after providing for a sit out of a house, or sometimes, the entry from outside will be direct to the living room. The entry to the living/drawing room should be in the positive zone(உச்சஸ்தானம்/उच्चस्थान/ഉച്ചസ്ഥാനം). The details of positive zones for all the directions can be found in my previous posts.

Sofasets, Cupboards, Book Shelves, etc can be placed in the southern or western regions. Television sets can be placed in the South East or North West regions of the Drawing Room. It is good, if a separate Study Room is allotted for children, which should invariably be in the North East. Due to space constraints, if the living room is also used for study, it should be ensured that the children should face East or North while studying. Keep the windows in the North & East of the North East room open 24/7.

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