Sri Aandal Vastu Rules

Sri Aandal Vastu Rules was framed by Dr.Andal P.Chockalingam, my vastu guru, after years of learning and thorough research. These rules is THE juicy extract of the entire universe of vastu knowledge. These have been framed for easy understanding of vastu even for a layman. Anybody can question or seek clarification from an expert of vastu if one knows these 6 simple rules.

  1. Plot, and the building inside the plot should be square or rectangle.
  2. South West should be higher than North East – Plot, Building, external environment, etc.
  3. The main entrance of the plot or building should be in positive zone.
  4. Any road or street hitting against the plot like a “T” or “L” should only be on a positive zone of the plot.
  5. The space between the building and the compound wall in the North or East should be more than the space in the South or West respectively.
  6. Internal staircase should be planned only in the middle of South or West directions; External staircase can planned in any direction other than North East without pillar.

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