Applying Sri Aandal Vastu rules!

This post can be read in continuation of yesterday’s post of Sri Aandal Vastu Rules. Once these vastu rules are read, it is natural for anyone to verify it with respect to their place of residence. It should also be kept in mind that even those who are living in houses with bad vastu, may not always suffer. There are 2 types of factors as to why suffering is prevalent in individuals. We do not have any control over the first type/group of factors i.e. like time or place of birth, past karma/actions, etc. The 2nd type is entirely in our own hands i.e. what we choose to do NOW for the FUTURE. Vastu is one of them, but dependable. On our way to achieve our goals, we can properly make use of the knowledge which we come across without getting too obsessed with one particular thing. Generally, vastu angle is thought of when one realizes that there is a blockade in one’s path to different goals like job, career, business, marriage, bearing child, relationships or even related to health-both physical & mental, accidents, debts, cases – civil or criminal, etc. A feeling is also generated in one’s mind that there is something more to it than the efforts being put and not getting the desired results.

On verifying the residence with respect to these rules, if one finds that there are changes to be carried out, it is to be done with extreme caution. Why I advise with “extreme caution” is because, while carrying out the corrections it should be done quickly and wholly and not part by part, so that it can be ensured that the correction carried out in one portion may not leave some other portion defective. If this advise is not adhered, there is a risk of putting other family members into trouble. It is advisable to engage a vastu consultant at this stage. Anyone can question or clear the doubts from the consultant, by applying these rules. Wish you Happy Living!

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