Understanding ‘Vastu’ – Real life Example-1

This post can be read in continuation of yesterday’s post of Applying Sri Aandal Vastu Rules.

Let me quote a real life example for easy understanding. Once, during the course of surveying a residence for vasthu defects, some corrections were suggested. Here, I give the relevant two of these important corrections for getting an idea of how vasthu works. These were – (1) closing of the Septic pit in the SouthWest region, (2) removing the toilet in the SouthEast. Well, what happened was the corrections related to the closing of the septic pit in the SouthWest and others were done, but the toilet in the SouthEast was not removed and the same was kept pending for removing at a later date. What used to happen to the family, before corrections, was that, the head of the family i.e.the owner of the property used to get hospitalized frequently, but after the pit in the SouthWest was closed, his hospitalization stopped. But, within a year, his wife was admitted to hospital for removal of uterus. When it was reported that she was hospitalized, it was asked as to whether the toilet in the SouthEast was also removed and the answer was “Not yet”. This example shows the effect of vasthu on individual members (male/female) of the family in a house. In this case, the rectification of the SouthWest portion helped the Male member, but then it started affecting the female member because, the SouthEast portion was still defective. Some of the lessons for us: (1) vasthu is a serious business, (2) a vasthu defect in a particular directional area of a plot/building affects a particular member of the family, thereby affecting the joy of the entire family, (3) Prevention is better than cure, (4) it is always advisable to effect all the suggested changes simultaneously or atleast within a short period of time.

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