Vasthushastra and “Freedom”

One may wonder as to what is the relationship between Vastu and freedom. Well….well…well…that’s what we are about to discuss. Ancient Indian scriptures deals with the life of an individual as a whole and not in parts. Different aspects of an individual including physical, temperamental, and mental states are taken into consideration by an ayurvedic doctor before issuing a prescription. Imbalance of mind, body and spirit cause diseases. The panchabhootas or the five elements of fire, air, earth, water & space make up the whole universe as also for the entities within. I recollect the story of the blind men and the elephant…well…it goes like this…

Each blind man touches and feels only one part of the elephant’s body and jump to conclusions. The one who felt –

the trunk concluded it was a snake

the ear concluded it was a fan

the leg concluded it was a tree

the stomach concluded it was a wall

the tusk concluded it was a sharp object

the tail concluded it was a rope

All of them were not even near to what was right. When an individual is not even near to what is right, one has to wonder what will happen when these type of ‘conclusions’, as decided by the individuals, are combined in order to know the whole truth. Is it not, that the elephant is more than the sum of snake, fan, wall, etc. Our human race is presently in this type of situation – not knowing facts.

Vasthushastra is an ancient science of dwelling, which relates to the five elements, which when complied with, will ensure the happiness, peace and prosperity of the inhabitant.

By living in a house constructed as per the rules of vasthu, the inhabitant start to enjoy the power being given by the universe and in turn fulfills all his desires thus leading to nothingness. This state of nothingness can also be called as freedom. It has to be kept in mind that construction and occupation of a vasthu compliant house depends on the individuals. An individual has to make himself eligible for possessing a vasthu compliant house. It is a cycle wherein, a person occupying a vasthu compliant house will lead a life of virtue like being truthful, taking care of his parents, treating all humans equally, etc and viceversa, a person who possesses these qualities will tend to construct and occupy a good vasthu complaint house. Hence, it is very important for an individual to have a good attitude. It has to be understood that as per ancient Indian scriptures, one’s comfort (physical/mental) in life depends on karma i.e. one’s own previous deeds(good or bad). And also there is a concept of rebirth. It is told that we are born to fulfil the unfulfilled desires we had in our previous birth. Whether the scriptures are right or wrong regarding the issue of rebirth, will it not be good to enjoy a life of fulfillment.

Also please see the following link regarding rebirth/reincarnation:

Concept of Rebirth-Bhagvad Gita

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