Understanding Vastu – 3 (Vastu and the secret of success)

This is an elaborate post. Only serious readers can go through and understand this one, even though I have given it in a plain and simple language.

Generally, while questioning about the relevance of vastu in our life, we tend to ask as to whether a famous or a rich person is living in a good vastu house. For example, we mockingly ask whether big businessmen like Bill Gates of Microsoft or Steve Jobs of Apple or democratically elected leaders like Donald Trump of USA or Narendra Modi of India or famous actors like Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar have come to such a position by using vastu. The honest answer by any layman will be ‘we don’t know exactly’.

Another question will be, whether living in a good vastu house will provide an individual with health, wealth and happiness. My answer to this question is ‘mostly yes’. You can understand by the explanation given by me below, which will clarify how it is only ‘mostly yes’ and not ‘100% yes’.

My explanation for both the above questions:

Alternatively, it can also be asked like – Are people living in vastu defective houses not leading a good life?

Here, I recollect the story of the elephants and the blind men. For those of you who do not know, you may go through the post given below:

As far as vastu is concerned, it should be considered as an important tool which we can use it along with our journey to success. “Thatvamasee” (தத்வமஸீ/ തത്വമസി/ तत्वमसि) is an important concept which I would like to bring to focus here. One may find all big thinkers of this beautiful land (with magnificent ancient knowledge) like Jagadhguru Aadhi Shankaracharya to Swami Vivekananda’s works will be based on this most important single word. You will also find that only this basic concept is used by the Modern day motivational writers or speakers, but with different words. The meaning is simple and clear. You are what you think you are. Alternatively, You become what you think. So, the whole secret of the cause & effect or activity or experience of humans is based on only about our ‘thoughts’.

As regards health, yes, vastu provides good health to the inhabitants. Vastu provides the healthy mind which will be balanced in approach with all our dealings including with other living beings. The choice of living in a good vastu house is the choice to work along with the forces of nature and not away from it. A healthy mind will overcome conflicts with ease and without any pain on either sides. Any illness does not manifest itself suddenly in the physical body. It happens inside first. It’s seeds are sown within and then the impulses are manifested outside as change in personality or some occurrence of illness(Those who are into ayurveda know this).

As far as richness (wealth) is concerned, I do not want to tell that richness is a state of mind of a person and is relative with the external world, even though it is, in a way. The reason being, I do not want to show, that, as an excuse for not becoming real rich in material terms also, the earlier statement being in the mode of mental or philosophical or spiritual thinking, whatever name may be given for the same. Being rich in terms of material wealth fulfils most of an individual’s desires. How can anyone attract money if he hates those who possess it? Money is like salt and an important ingredient in day to day life. Anything which is loved will be attracted. No one can be held responsible for being born poor, but sure he is solely responsible, if one dies poor. One should also know that no yantra or mantra can make an individual wealthy. One should be smart in working and making money. Smartly making money does not in any way means unethically. It should always be approached in a positive way. At this juncture, I would also like one to observe the way the temples are built. The importance of temples in one’s life has long been forgotten and is not known to many. Many people think that installing srichakra/sriyantra will increase the riches of a temple. But, experience shows different results. If you observe the overall situation of a temple including its deity by applying the vastu rules, you will be pleasantly surprised at the effects of vastu. Similarly, it will be of little use, if the objects like yantras or pyramids are used in a house. These things are waste of time and money and can only placate the disturbed mind for a very short duration. There is no shortcut to rectify bad vastu. If any rule is not followed in respect of any portion of a house, it will show its effects on its inhabitants. Vastu is a Life changing one. It has to be handled cautiously.

Good Health, Wealth & Happiness is the consequence of a balanced mind, which happens with good vastu. Vastu also leads to ‘Success’ without ‘Loss’ . Experience tells that one who is ‘seemingly’ highly successful like the famous personalities mentioned above would have things (i.e. personal loss) which cannot be expressed or told to the outside world. Vastu can be used as a balancing factor to avoid pitfalls in certain areas of life in lieu of the huge success in another.

For going further into this subject, one can also go through my post given in this link below:

Hence, it should be realised that, a house perfectly built as per Vastu, however small it may be, makes the inhabitant lead a relatively better life amidst prosperity and good health. In fact it is good to live in a house which is not too big, so as to, not attract the negative vibrations caused due to envy or jealousy of another individual. It will not be prudent to think that every individual residing in a dwelling, built as per Vastu becomes a Prime Minister or a multi-millionaire or a famous personality unless one intends to. Whatever happens will be definitely for good. It should also be borne in mind that health is wealth.

My way of leading a happy fulfilled life is to sail along with the nature. We are a part of this nature or supreme consciousness, by whatever name it is called, and the best way will be to live together with the laws of nature and to reap its benefits. The physical aspect of the secret of success is nothing but designing our place of dwelling as per the rules of vastu, which aligns with the tenets of nature, i.e. by living with the five elements in a positive way for peace and prosperity of all members of our family. This constitutes the major portion of the secret of success. The other important aspect is one’s own thoughts or attitude.

This knowledge which is shared above is quite important and one who comes to know and understands it, is near to lucky, and the one who has implemented, will find himself already shifted to a different plane of Life.

Best wishes for a Blissful Life 🙂

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