Vastu & Compound Wall!

One must have seen the characteristics of a magnet. All of us know that it has a North Pole and a South Pole. If we break a piece of magnet, we find that each new piece, individually, will have both a North Pole and a South pole. In vastu, a compound wall acts as a similar function in making a plot individualistic – a separate entity cut off from the adjacent area. Once a plot is properly cut off from other area, the positive effects of that individual plot comes into play. Such is the importance of a compound wall which plays a big role in the life of a resident. Hence, it is always advised that on purchase of a property the first thing to do is to construct a compound wall.

The following points may be kept in mind while constructing a compound wall.

  • The compound wall of the house should be in square or rectangle in shape.
  • While digging for the foundation of constructing the compound wall, it should start from North East and then should end up in South West. Vice versa, the construction should start from South West and then finally end up in North East.
  • The wall on the South / West should be higher than the North / East respectively.
  • The space between the building and the compound wall should be more in the North / East than South / west.
  • The walls i.e. the wall of the building and the compound wall should be parallel to each other.
  • Do not construct any structure touching the compound wall. Similarly, plants or other structures should not be kept on the North / Eastern walls.
  • In towns / cities where there are streets / roads, the compound wall should be aligned with the road / street and should not be protruding outside causing wrong street focus(தெரு குத்து / தெரு பார்வை / വീഥി ശൂല / विधि शूल).
  • The gate(s) should be planned in the Positive zone.
  • If it is a corner plot in cities/towns, where splay is compulsory, it has to be managed by sacrificing our portion of the plot to make it into a square or rectangle one.
  • Each plot / house should have a separate compound wall for itself and it should not be adjusted and constructed as one wall between two plots of the neighbours.

P.S.: Please keep in mind that not all knowledge can be put out by writing in Black & White in a Blog or a Book. Apart from the points mentioned above, one has to know that there are other aspects like for example, the bad effects of a hillock in the North or East sides of the plot/house cannot be nullified by a Compound Wall.

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