Understanding Vastu – 4 (Vastu and Trees)

Out of the six basic Vastu rules specified in my previous posts, one rule is that South/West/South West should be higher than North/East/North East respectively. This is applicable to structures within the compound also. So, big trees can be planted in the South West direction. Avoid any kind of trees or plants in the North East direction. It is better that the North East portion of the plot should be clean and clear. There is a difference between cutting trees and avoiding planting trees. I never recommend cutting trees or plants because trees have life too. If a flower is crushed, we smell the scent/fragrance. Similarly, if a branch is axed, we can observe that a liquid oozes out, which is nothing but a demonstration of LIFE (For further details regarding plants, one can read the works of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, Stephano Mancuso, Botanist, etc.) Cutting or killing trees/plants will definitely have bad effect on our lives. I feel we should not unnecessarily destroy LIFE on our planet. I do not want to attract any bad karma to hit my clients as well as me too. It will be better if any trees/plants which are present in the North East portion, to be removed and replanted elsewhere. Also it will be better to understand the difference between plucking fruits or vegetables or flowers and uprooting the whole plant. However, let’s be pragmatic too. At this point, I would like to point out a quote from Bhagvad Gita, Verse 49 of Chapter-18, given below:

असक्तबुद्धि: सर्वत्र जितात्मा विगतस्पृह: |

नैष्कर्म्यसिद्धिं परमां सन्न्यासेनाधिगच्छति ||

asakta-buddhih: sarvatra jitatma vigata-sprahah
naishkarmya-siddhim paramam sannyasenadhigachchhati

Meaning: Those whose intellect is unattached, who have mastered the mind, and are free from desires by the practice of renunciation, attain the highest perfection of freedom from action.

I have only one point to make, which is quite important. Whenever any of the six basic vastu rule is violated, it will do a lot of good to correct it. We have to keep in mind that we can’t pour from an empty jug. So, first we have to take care of ourselves in order to help others. If it is not possible to remove and replant, in lieu of the sacrifice we should plant a lot of trees. Care should also be taken to not plant trees which affect the health of the family members. For example, growing lemon trees in the vicinity of a residence affects the health of males even though consuming Lemon in limited quantities has more advantages than disadvantages. Here, one should know that any living organism, whether a plant or an animal draws its life energy from the environment it lives. Vastu is also about balancing all these energies.

Grow tall trees like coconut, mango, etc at the external southwest portion of the building. While growing trees, care also should be taken to see that a pit is not formed around the trees or plants for watering purposes.

The thulasi plant should be kept at the south east portion of the house. The simple reason being since Thulasi is worshipped and hence, lamp is lit. Lamp can be lit in South East which is related to Agni. The North East portion of the house should be clean and free above the ground level including trees or plants.

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