Vastu & Child birth!

During the course of vastu consultations, I have come across many couples wanting to have a baby and have tried different treatments and remedies including astrological, visiting various temples, etc. but are still waiting for their precious gift from god. Reasons include stress, hormonal imbalance, low count, habits, etc. I do not want to go further as there are lots of materials available all over the internet.

As a vastu consultant, my suggestion is to immediately examine the East, SouthWest, SouthEast & NorthWest portions of the house and to see that these portions conform to Sri Aandal Vastu Rules .

  • East – Ensure there is no staircase and that the windows in the NorthEast portion of the house to remain open for 24 hours.
  • SouthWest – Ensure that there is no entrance, cut, internal corner staircase, toilet or any pit (like septic tank, bore, sump, etc) below the ground level.
  • SouthEast – Ensure there is no cut, toilet, internal corner staircase, pit or entrance from east in that portion.
  • NorthWest – Ensure there is no cut, internal corner staircase or entrance from north in that portion.

Why these portions/directions? Well…for successful childbirth, the important factors to be taken into consideration are healthy uterus, good sperm count, good relationship between the couple and most of all relaxed (unobstructive) mindset.

As it is not possible to give solutions individually through a blog post, this suggestion is common for everyone expecting a baby. The simple fact is that, if the six vastu rules are followed, these problems would not have arisen at all. I do not want to confuse or complicate further. Even after offering individual solutions some of the clients would not have rectified the defect in their building and would be procrastinating. Time is precious. Best Wishes!

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One thought on “Vastu & Child birth!

  1. Sh Ashokan, Andal Vastu consultant, his assessments are right and explains in a simple understanble language. All can easily adopt his advise on vastu to explore new heights of life. I have consulted him, as advised, I have corrected as much as possible with this lot of things changed in our life including my childrens future, peaceful atmosphere in life, improvement in health aspects etc. Thanks Sh Ashokan. By P Venkata Rao

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