About me

I, Ashokan K.S., am from India and was an officer in government with more than two decades of experience in the field of Investigation and Law Enforcement/ Vigilance. I have since retired from office to pursue my life’s mission, a part of which is ‘Vastu’. Though I got introduced to this concept of Vastu during the year 1998 on account of delay in my marriage and subsequent happening after implementing certain changes suggested by a vastu expert, I became a keen observer of vastu and its effects only from 2010 due to Dr. Andal P. Chockalingam, my Vastu Guru who is a living legend and the creator of six simple rules (which any lay man can easily understand) in the name and style of Sri Aandal Vastu, whom I accidentally came across through a program in Jaya TV. The spark ignited within, led me to study and to acquire knowledge about this ancient super science. Me being a sceptic, after thorough investigation and experiments, at huge risks to me and my family, found that this was not occult as was widely believed, but was a science which provided good solutions for the problems faced by many familes and individuals. I have created vastuveedu.com exclusively to impart and share this knowledge with the rest of the world. Apart from vastu consulting, I advise on setting up and managing small & micro retail businesses in the city of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Looking back at the path I have travelled for 51 years on this planet, I realize that I can offer simple solutions for complicated problems, one faces in their life journey. I found that many individuals could not find the right person with correct solutions and were unable to confide in any person, and hence, I thought of bringing at least some ideas to the light of those who yearn for solutions through the articles in my blog www.swakaarya.com with the main aim of providing simple yet practical solutions to live an enriched life.

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