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Vastu is an ancient architectural science used in the building of Temples, Palaces, etc. It might have had it’s origins from the word “Vasam” meaning “dwell” or ‘living’ in a place which in Tamil can also be said as “வாசம் செய்யும் இடம்”, in Hindi/Sanskrit as “वासस्थल”, in Malayalam as “വാസസ്‌ സ്ഥലം”. A vastu compliant house is simple. In the same way, life will be joyful if it is simple. Vastu is like climbing a mountain with the help of a stick wherein we reach the top of the mountain by our own effort of walking, but of ease with the help of the stick. Overcoming hurdles in what we do cannot easily happen without the grace of God. That grace can be experienced, if you are living in a house with good vastu. It is like using an Umbrella for protection during heavy rains. It is the universe’ biggest secret of being in Heaven on Earth and is a protector. But, it also has to be kept in mind that it is not quite easy for one to possess a house with good vastu, even though he may be rich with money. Good virtues or attitudes can only lead a person to possess a house with good vastu. Vastu leads to ‘success’ without ‘loss’ for all family members.

vastu - living room / drawing room
vastu - bed room
vastu - kitchen
vastu - bath room / rest room / toilet
vastu - pooja room
vastu - basic rules / sri aandal vastu rules
vastu - staircase / internal staircase / external staircase

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Compound Wall

One must have seen the characteristics of a magnet. All of us know that it has a North Pole and a South Pole. If we break a piece of magnet, we find that each new piece, individually, will have both a North Pole and a South pole. In vastu, a compound wall acts as aContinue reading “Compound Wall”


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“Vastu is not about how big the house is ;

It’s about how happy the home is!”

Happy Living!

vastuveedu - ashokan

About me

I was an officer in government and have retired from office. I advise on setting up and managing small & micro retail businesses in the city of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Looking back at the journey I have travelled for 49 years on this planet, I realize that I can offer simple solutions for complicated problems one faces in their life journey. I am experienced in the fields of Investigation/ Law enforcement, Vastu & the path to Financial freedom. I find that ‘Vastu’ is one of the biggest secrets of this Universe for attaining a life of success & fulfillment, and hence this website was created to draw the attention of a wider audience towards this precious knowledge.

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